Before The Funeral

Before The Funeral

When someone passes away, it can come as a shock, and it can often feel like a daunting experience. It’s almost impossible to be fully prepared when the time comes, however, there are a few things you need to consider before you start planning the funeral. 

Whatever the circumstances may be, we’re here for you every step of the way and will guide you through the process at your own pace. 


Burial or Cremation

Before you arrange a funeral, it is important to know if you want to have a burial or cremation for your loved one. Many families share the same belief when it comes to

death, others may differ in opinion. If you know what the deceased wanted, let us know. If you are not aware of the deceased’s preference, you may wish to check their will or expression of wishes or talk to friends and other family members. You must also check if the deceased had taken out a funeral plan.

Religious or non-religious service

Another important consideration before the funeral is whether the deceased was religious or was a member of a specific place of worship. You would likely want to arrange the funeral following his/her faith, if so, please do let us know. We will help you arrange your loved one’s funeral liaising with the faith leader at the place of worship.
Alternatively, if your loved one didn’t follow a particular faith, we will help you arrange their funeral according to their wishes or even their lifestyle. Please contact us on 0114 327 4936


If your loved one passes away whilst abroad, they can be repatriated back to their home country if needed. Repatriation can be to and from the UK. We offer guidance and help throughout the entire repatriation process to ensure that your loved one is brought back home to be buried or cremated. 

We can offer help both in repatriating non-UK citizens to their home country as well as bringing UK citizens home where they have passed away abroad. 

You can find further information repatriation here.

If you’re looking for someone to assist you personally, please give us a call and we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We’re here for you. 

Testimonial (1)

Norman Crapper

“I would like to thank the entire team at I Did It My Way Funerals for giving my mum a great send off. Our
funeral director was so helpful and respectful. The whole day went like clockwork. I would also like to publicly
thank our celebrant for a great service. Everyone attending said how wonderful the Eulogy was & how it
was delivered. This is the first time I had to organise a funeral you helped me out all the way. Many thanks.”

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